Sitting at Campfires 🔥

This afternoon I sat down at my desk to learn some new technical concepts and I quickly immersed myself into the content. Each page of architectural diagrams and instructions contained many terms that I had … Read more →

Windmills, Limiting Beliefs and Reverse Causality

Imagine an alternate universe in which you are a traveler from another planet. You are a human, but you’ve spent your entire life inside a spacecraft. You’ve been traveling through space since before you can remember, … Read more →

CampFI South 2018

This past weekend, I made the long an arduous trek across town to Ferncliff for CampFI South. CampFI stands for Camp Financial Independence. It’s a gathering for people, like me, who are a bit… unusual… … Read more →

The Miracle Morning

I originally wrote this about two months ago but didn’t publish it. Read to the end for an update! “I am just not a morning person.” That’s what I have told myself for years. As … Read more →

My First 30 Days at Arkansas Yoga Collective

Last October, I suffered a gnarly ankle sprain while out for a run at CrossFit (during the warm-up!). It was the most recent and worst sprain in a long personal history of ankle sprains, and … Read more →

Corn Beards and Happy Inconveniences

The modern food industry is an amazing creation. When I was a kid, we grew corn in our family garden, and I spent many summer evenings sitting outside shucking corn with my parents and grandma. … Read more →